Tastes Good & Is Good For me?.... Whaaaat!?

Tastes Good & Is Good For me?.... Whaaaat!?

New at the Market: Wild Tonic’s Jun Kombucha line.

 When the saleswoman came into the store to pitch her Kombucha product line, I immediately put up my defenses. I’ve had Kombucha products in the past, and gota say’ not a fan. I reluctantly gave it a try and was completely floored by how well they tasted and the floral profiles. Apparently the difference to what I had sampled in the past and this product, is that this is Jun Kombucha, a relation to Kombucha, that utilizes honey for its fermentation. A natural source of energy and healthy digestion, honey  provides antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Also added to this delicious ‘stew’ is tea, fruit, botanicals, herbs & spices.

Stored cold to preserve the prebiotic & probiotic properties in this beverage as it is not pasteurized, these beverages also clock in at 5.6% ABV. Available here in five different flavor styles: Blueberry Basil, Hoppy Buzz, Mango Ginger, Raspberry Goji Rose & Tropical Turmeric.

Autumn Seasonal Brews

If there is one word that can best describe the weather of 2018, it would be: Confused

With that in mind, the hot & humid weather of the past couple of days can only mean one thing:


The Autumn seasonal brews are in and perhaps it’s time to counter the crazy weather patterns with a selection from our Octoberfest or Pumpkin beers and ales.

As for you Summer hold-outs, we still have a variety of ON-SALE SUMMER ALES still available while the supply lasts.

So whether you wish to defy the Climate or the Calendar, swing on by and let us help you with your mission.


This has been one crazy summer with cooler temps, rain, more rain, occasional sunshine and of course, rain. With Labor Day (the unofficial end of summer) just days away, it’s time to say goodbye, for better or worse, to the summer 2018.

While supplies last, all our summer seasonal ales are on sale. Pick up a six, twelve or fifteen pack of the only consistently good thing about the summer of 2018: 

Victory Summer Love 15-pack cans  $16.00

O’Fallon Wheat Fest 12-pack cans  $17.50

Sly Fox Alex’s Lemon Wheat 6-pack cans  $8.40

Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale 6-pack bottles  $8.75

Long Trail Thru Hiker Summer Wheat 6-pack bottles  $8.90

O’Fallon Daze Of Summer 4-pack cans  $7.67 

Heavy Seas Summer of the Pirate 12-pack cans  $17.10

Wittekerke Wild 4-pack cans  $9.00

Shipyard Summer Ale 6-pack bottles  $8.27

Rusty Rail Blue Collar Raspberry Blonde Ale 6-pack bottles  $9.50


Hooray for January!

Time to move out some inventory and make way for new and exciting wines.

Check out the monthly Fairchilds wine special and join our email for surprise pop-up wine specials. I am really excited about up and coming winemakers as well as all the fun wines to chase after.

And in a blink it will be Rose' season; wine time flies!

So make Fairchilds Market your next stop for libations!

Spring Time & Wine

With the beautiful spring weather upon us I could think of nothing better than to talk about than Rose' Wines.

Let us forget the icky sticky white zinfandel and focus on the refreshing, crisp and fragrant rose'.

Whether the wine is a bone dry rose from Provence such as Pigoudet and Domaine LaFage Miraflors or lively and bright from California and Oregon ( Robert Sinskey Rose of Pinot Noir  and Seven Hills) it remains that wineries all around are producing top-flight fabulous rose.

One of my favorites is Wolffer Estate Summer in a Bottle right here from North Folk Long Island!

Sit back and enjoy a beautiful spring night with a fabulous glass of rose!

Think Pink

Have a Blast with Bourbon

As we all are aware Bourbon has taken a huge jump in popularity in the liquor world. And now there is a crossover between wine and bourbon. I recently rated Southern Belle 2013.

The wine is a Spanish blend of syrah and monastrell that has been aged in Pappy Van Winkle barrels. And yes, what is the most sought after bourbon? You guessed it; Pappy Van Winkle.

While it is basically impossible to score a bottle of the bourbon you can grab a bottle or 2 of the wine. I am sure you will become a fan.