New at the Market: Wild Tonic’s Jun Kombucha line.

 When the saleswoman came into the store to pitch her Kombucha product line, I immediately put up my defenses. I’ve had Kombucha products in the past, and gota say’ not a fan. I reluctantly gave it a try and was completely floored by how well they tasted and the floral profiles. Apparently the difference to what I had sampled in the past and this product, is that this is Jun Kombucha, a relation to Kombucha, that utilizes honey for its fermentation. A natural source of energy and healthy digestion, honey  provides antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Also added to this delicious ‘stew’ is tea, fruit, botanicals, herbs & spices.

Stored cold to preserve the prebiotic & probiotic properties in this beverage as it is not pasteurized, these beverages also clock in at 5.6% ABV. Available here in five different flavor styles: Blueberry Basil, Hoppy Buzz, Mango Ginger, Raspberry Goji Rose & Tropical Turmeric.