For over 8 decades, Pals Cabin has been serving up some of the most talked about food in Essex County. Now, it's back and thriving alongside Fairchilds Market. 

Try some of our famous burgers and hot dogs, or curl up in store or at home with a bowl of our homemade cream of mushroom soup.

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Best cream of mushroom soup you will ever have...guaranteed.
— Review, Yelp
 Photo of the original Pals Cabin sign.

Photo of the original Pals Cabin sign.

The original cabin was built from doors obtained from the old Proctor’s Palace Theatre in downtown Newark.

In 1934, Pals added a 10-stool bar, dining area and kitchen. A small rib eye sandwich that sold for a quarter became an immediate hit. The next year, a larger steak, known as the Pals Special, sold for 50 cents.

In the late 1930s, Duncan Hines - a traveling salesman whose restaurant reviews, published in his “Adventures in Good Eating,’’ were required reading from coast to coast - gave a favorable review to Pals Cabin.

Two episodes of “The Sopranos’’ were filmed here. In one show, a character says, “I’ll bring my ma, the three of us, we’ll go have lunch over at Pals Cabin, huh?’’

Among the restaurant’s more contemporary regulars was former Gov. Brendan Byrne.
— Peter Genovese, NJ Advance Media
A tiny clapboard-and-tin cabin opened at the lonely corner of Prospect and Eagle Rock avenues in West Orange at the height of the Depression in 1932, selling hot dogs for a dime.

Five years later, co-owners Marty Horn and Roy Sale, who by then had added a dining room called the Pine Room, helped launch the career of an 18-year-old piano player from Wisconsin named Wladziu Valentino Liberace. The flamboyant performer played at Pals for six months, earning $40 a week; the piano Horn bought especially for him is still in the bar, known as the Tap Room.

Pals Cabin — a favorite haunt of Babe Ruth, who loved to chow down on its hot dogs after a round of golf at nearby Crestmont Country Club — would make any short list of Jersey food landmarks.
— Peter Genovese, NJ Advance Media